• Watch Amigo Live at Papa Jazz

    What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid? Slade – Don McLean American Pie Adam – The Beatles’ Revolver. Not so much the whole album, but I remember playing to “Good Day Sunshine” to death in third grade. […]

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Local Musicians come together as Damn the Taquitos to cover Tom Petty

New Brookland Tavern has a long standing tradition of a New Years Cover Show. In the past this has included acts such as Dear Blanca as David Bowie, Ivadell as Weezer, and Can’t Kids as The Presidents of the United […]

Best of 2017: South Carolina’s Top Albums and EPs

Best of 2017: South Carolina's Top Albums and EPs

With over 200 releases to choose from, we consumed a large amount of music again this year and narrowed down our top albums and EPs out of South Carolina in 2017. The early part of the year was filled with […]