Gas prices are ridiculous so I know you’re not going out of town for the weekend of the 4th. If you’re smart you’ll come to the river and celebrate the nation’s birthday the same way our founding fathers would. Picture this, Ben Franklin laying out on a rock in the middle of the river, trousers rolled up above his knee, sipping on an ice cold PBR, flying a kite…

Now that you have that picture in your head picture this. It is Saturday July 5th and Ben Franklin and T Jeff are hungover trying to find something to do. I would bet my last dollar that they would go do something extremely American… like drink Bourbon.

And where better to do that than with the most exciting Southern Rock band I know The Bourbon Brothers. If you didn’t get the chance to see these guys when they won Battle of the Bands at New Brookland Tavern a month ago, then this is your chance to come out and see one of Columbia’s most exciting Rock Shows.

And talk about bang for the buck. For only $4 to get to see

Shallow Palace with CD Release, Something About Vampires and Sluts, Bourbon Brothers, and leavelifealone
Featuring an art work exhibition by photographers, painters, screenprinters, glassblowers, tattoo artists, and more.
DJ Straighten Up and DJ Variant

I mean this is hard times in America. It cost $4 bucks for a gallon of gas, a gallon of milk, a gallon of Orange Juice. Get my point. Personally I’ll take an Art Exhibition and 4 bands any day.

That’s not all though. It is also Shallow Palace’s CD release show and from what I have heard from the upcoming CD you really don’t want to miss them. I’m ready to have my face rocked off by the songs off their upcoming album Six Gun Hotel.

Come celebrate your freedom with me Saturday night. You know where I’ll be.