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Austin Crane/All Get Out Show Review

So it has been a good while since I have seen Austin Crane live. Like months, not years or anything, but still way longer than I prefer.

So what was really special about this show that you need to know…Well first off all that video below wasn’t from last Wednesday. Second of all Austin Crane played three or more songs I hadn’t heard before and they were all really good. I’m still mad that I don’t have pictures and video from the show so y’all can hear some of the new stuff.

If you haven’t done this yet put Austins latest album “I know My Hands” into constant rotation. Download it off itunes or obtain it somehow. If it isn’t your thing listen to it a couple of times and it will grow on you.

OH yeahhh I am at the beach all this week at Isle of Palms and Austin is playing in Charleston Friday at Metto Coffee. I plan to be there.


Yeah All Get Out was really good.

Stick with me here. Last year I went and watched the Braves take batting practice and when Chipper Jones or Brian McCann hit the ball it made a noticeably louder crack than almost every other player on the team. They have something that most other players don’t have and that is the ability to really make solid contact.

When I watch All Get Out live I feel they their energy on stage is completely honest. It runs through to the crowd and everyone that has seen them before is waiting to sing the keyboard during Water and God or in some cases light up a cigarette during Wasting all my Breath.

All Get Out is constantly playing shows so when they come to your town go see them. It gets better everytime.

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