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Run Dan Run/Dylan Gilbert/Allison Weiss Show Review

The above video is one of the tons of videos she has put on youtube. I am a huge Elliott Smith fan so I chose this one. If you enjoy it check out the other ones.

Unfortunately I got to The Watershed 30 minutes late last Friday and missed Allison Weiss’s set, which I am really not cool about. I know she isn’t from SC and I am all about SC Music, but she writes great songs so everyone should check her out. In addition Athens to me is the Mecca of music to me. I’m not really up to date with what is going on there now, but The B52’s, R.E.M. and Pylon really got me started in music in general.

Dylan Gilbert

Dylan Gilbert is a performer with toys. He is like your friend when you were little that had all of the cool toys and he really knows how to use them.

He seems like a junkey for effects and all of this really kept my attention throughout the show. That isn’t to say that his songs and melodies don’t keep my attention, but I found myself standing up and trying to figure out what he was doing next. He uses a lot of loops and delay to build entire songs. He is a one man band.

Notice earlier I said he is a performer and he truly is. At the end of the show the other night he came into the crowd and sang with us and to us. Good job.

Run Dan Run

Run Dan Run brought the dance party…well kind of. I’m not sure the show was what they imagined, but it succeeded in my opinion. They succeeded in transforming their songs into something I had not heard before.

This was the first time I have seen them live, but I have listened to the CD a number of times. What made this transformation even more impressive, is that have done the show with 8 people and strings also. And if you go to their next show you can buy a copy of this live CD.

It seemed during the last song that the crowd finally gave in to the dance party theme and everyone was dancing with the flashlights and the strobe lights. The point was made and it was enjoyed.


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