Tribute to The Past: Joe 747 (Emery Before Emery)

So it is really hard to find out anything about Joe 747 searching the internet. All the wikipedias and websites that I could find that mentioned them basically say that the lead singer went on to form Emery.

Well I have a different take on Joe 747 as I witnessed the progression of this band first hand. While I went to high school in Rock Hill from 1998-2002 these guys were in college and basically provided me with a place to hang out. I feel like I was a little brother and they treated me well. This was all thanks to Ronnie.

So here is their story from my point of view. I’ll let Matt, Devin and Toby fact check it after the post.

Joe 747 is Toby Morrell on Guitar and Vocals and Joey Svendsen on Bass and Screams. I’m not exactly sure when Devin officially joined the band, maybe he was a member from the start, but Devin Shelton played drums. I don’t personally consider Devin a real member of Joe 747 because he was full time singer of another band at the same time.

Anyway, I saw Joe 747 a couple of times in Rock Hill, Solfest in front of the Student Center at Winthrop and once in Greer. The things that I remember about their shows were Joey having his back turned to the audience the entire show playing bass and Toby talking about their relationship with God and how it related to their music. They also had a lot of energy on stage. The last two of which carried over to Emery.

When they recorded their first album Everyday I Try, Everyday I Fail Toby went to his childhood neighbor and drummer’s roommate Matt Carter to record the album in their house of Confederate Ave in Rock Hill (click link for street view).

I think this is when Matt started playing with Joe 747 and they started to go into serious band mode. These four were the original four that were to go to Seattle.

First Baptist Church in Rock Hill ran a coffee house that bands could play at this time in Rock Hill. All you had to do was sign up and you had a 15 minute set. I guess it was like open mic, but full bands could play. I was there with Matt one night and he signed up the band Iron Kid. I want to remember hearing that the new Joe 747 lineup played “The Secret” which is also on Emery’s first album The Weak’s End.

The summer before they moved to Seattle Joey still planned on making the move, but before they left he decided his heart wasn’t in it. That is when long time friend Joel Greene joined the band.

The rest is history.

You might remember that my first band’s name was Iron Kid. I stole it because they weren’t using it anymore.

So here are two Joe 747 songs.

The first is Potter’s Field. I always linked the song to It’s a Wonderful Life, but the reference goes much deeper.

You will also notice the lyrics “My hands seem to deceive me” which is also in “Walls.”

(The Link streams the song in your Media Player)

potters field

Here is the second song off of the album and one of my favorites.

ten till nine