Scene SC to Start Sponsoring Shows

We have a lot of blossoming ideas here at Scene SC and sponsoring shows has always been one of them. We also are interested in eventually sponsoring a battle of the bands, putting together compilation CD’s and basically helping SC bands and artists any way that we can.

So here is the deal. If you are interested in having Scene SC sponsor your show, just email us at and we will see if we can work something out.  I imagine it will take at least a months notice to work everything out.

What do you get out of it?

Well, we will print free fliers for both us distribute.

We will put banners for the show up on the website. We will also try to get one of the many local talented photographers out to the show to take pictures.

We would also like to announce that we are partnering with Moonrunner Pictures to start doing live videos of shows. Moonrunner Pictures has shot videos for Tooth and Nail records and is currently editing a full length feature film that is currently looking for distribution.  They did the above video so check it out to see their work.

They will be at select shows that we officially sponsor to do professional live recordings. Go to their website and check out their small, but impressive body of work in the music industry.

This will be on a entirely different level than we currently “sponsor” shows, although it won’t change the fact we go to shows and take pictures and videos and post them. We will always do that, but this will be much more of a production.

Comment or email and let me know what you’re thinking and if you have any ideas for us. We are wide open.  We are also hoping to get more press from local papers coming up here soon so things are looking up.

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