TGIF With Hello Tomorrow and Ridley

Two separate shows.

Hello Tomorrow is rocking out Richland County Public Library tomorrow night at 6:30. I’ll be the guy in the trench coat, with a mustache and a fedora with a video camera. I have a library fine from like 6 years ago and I really don’t want to pay it. In addition I want to pay homage to the great Ferris Beuller( I can’t find that picture where he is dressed up as Mr. Peterson when they pick up Sloane from school so here is this one).


Tomorrow night we also have Ridley at New Brookland Tavern. Doors are at 5:15 and thats not a typo. It is an early show.

Ridley is coming off their small radio tour and they will be debuting a small line up change. They are now a three piece and will have plenty of room to rock the stage at New Brookland.

See y’all there.

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  1. hey man. sorry if i didnt get a chance to talk to you at the show. i didnt see you.

    did you enjoy the show?



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