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Show Review:Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow

Performing Vertical Blinding at

Richland County Library

What is better than a Friday afternoon with free music and pizza? Well I can think of a couple of things, but not many.

Hello tomorrow rocked out Richland County Public Library last Friday and didn’t hold anything back. This was the wrap up party for the Teen summer reading program. There wasn’t much reading going on, but there was some rocking and I believe they were having Wii Olympics in the back. I think I saw a 14 year old Michael Phelps and maybe even Nastia Liukin back there. I bet they will be playable characters on the Wii 2.

As you will hear from the video the sound was great for the set up. I always think it is funny when you play at Headliners and New Brookland and they take all of this time setting you up and your mix ends up being terrible. The vocals are too loud or not loud enough or the keyboard screams in your ears. Then you have Hello Tomorrow set up 2 vocal mics, don’t mic the drums and play out of their amps straight up and they have a perfect mix. There is something to say about simplicity.

I’m not sure if y’all have heard of this yet, but Hello Tomorrow has something called a Myspace. It is this website that lets them upload like songs and videos. And it is really awesome because you can go there and really get in touch with the band. They have a place for comments and influences of the band. They even have photo galleries where you can look at pictures of the band. It is really awesome and everyone should check it out.

Don’t go to

Do go to

I never really considered Hello Tomorrow to be a hardcore band until I saw this show. You’ll notice in the video that one of the guitarists has a wrap on his knee. That is because he chainsawed his leg and he had to get staples in it. That is hardcore.


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