All Get Out in the Absolute 100

All Get Out wasn’t in the first 2 installments of this years Absolute 100 but they are sure enough in the third.

Check it out.

What is the Absolute 100?

Here at, we like to start the waves and then float in them. This is why we are back with our second installment of The Absolute 100, an annual collection of our favorite lesser known bands. Below you will find a centennial of really great acts. Some of them may be fresh to the ears, and some of them may be old news to your keen web browsing. Either way, we hope that from all the bands that clutter these interwebbed harbors, you’ll find a precious handful from these Absolute 100.

So far AGO is the only SC band on the list. There a handful of bands from last years top 100 now signed to larger labels or on really good tours playing in front of big crowds every night. Hopefully we will see the same happen to All Get Out.

Here is what they had to say about them.

All Get Out – Charleston, SC Profile | Myspace
Why We Like: The sharp tone of Nathan Hussey’s vocals hit strong against the bright, hopeful guitars, and between the two, All Get Out make their point known. But then, on songs like “Three More, I Guess”, they turn into total piano softies. It’s this variability that make this band a well-rounded quirky indie rock pick.
RIYL: Manchester Orchestra, The Format, Saves The Day, Weatherbox, Paper Rival

Congratulations guys. Keep up the hard work. This is just another sign that is paying off.

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