Sad News From Greenville

I hadn’t seen this until today, but Greenville Scene is closing. Over the last year they have had great interviews with everyone from veterans of the SC music scene such as Jay Clifford and Cravin Melon to the new guys such as Corey Crowder who is on Tooth and Nail and Joe Stillwell of Needtobreathe.

Greenville Scene shares a lot in common with us and was a Web site run for the same reason we run our Web site, by the same type of people… music fans dedicated to doing their part in the music community. Greenville Scene was one of the Web sites that really inspired me along with one of my favorite Web sites in high school,, which was a great forum for bands.

Please go to their website and read all of their past interviews and check out all of the artists that they promote. You can link to them from the link above or from my blogroll directly to your right ->

Here is what they had to say.

Greenville Scene Closing

August 22, 2008 at 11:00 am | In Blog |

After a year and four months of reporting on Greenville’s music scene, I will no longer operate the website as of 8/25/08. The site will remain at this address until 11/9/08 at which point I may decide to just keep it as a wordpress blog – or not. I’ll let you know.

Greenville Scene was a great idea but, I don’t personally have time for it anymore. The reason I started the website in the first place was to help Greenville’s fledgling music scene to realize its enormous potential. I hope that others will take it upon themselves to do the same. We already have several community members doing just that – Gene at Horizon Records, John at the Handlebar, the staff at Earshot, and the smaller venues in town who are really trying.

Finally, I just wanted to mention a few bands that I think are making a difference in our scene and would be worth your time to see: William F. Gibbs, Andy Lehman, Wasted Wine, The Winter Sounds, Civil Twilight, Brandy Lindsey & the Punch, The Gentle Suit, Backseat Dreamer, and Noel Thrasher.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has ever helped with Greenville Scene- especially Keith and Angel.


I am a Greer native and have a close interest in music in the Upstate. Scene SC plans to sponsor a show in Greenville in December or January featuring some of the bands that we think are the best in that area. You can see my past post on Horizon Records and I am about to write a post reviewing Read in Response who were at The Channel last Saturday. We will also be in Greenville on Sunday September 7th to see All Get Out/Marry a Thief/Baumer at The Channel.

Thank you for everything y’all have done at Greenville Scene.

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