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Show Review:All Get Out/Baumer/Marry A Thief

I had the unique oppurtunity this past weekend to see three great SC bands together.  All Get Out and Baumer are on a small Southern tour right now and Marry A Thief joined them in Charlotte and Greenville.  Scene SC was at the Charlotte and Greenville shows as you will be able to see from the footage.

These three bands do a great job of supporting each other and if you were at any of these shows it was evident.  They truly are fans of each other and can be seen on the front row and throughout the audience when each other band is playing, instead of out back not paying attention as most bands do.  They wear each others shirts and they hang out together.  Most of them have friendships from past bands, but their relationships have grown over the years, so they are all really proud of each other and how things are looking up.

It was great to see other bands make the drive either up to Charlotte or Greenville and at the NBT AGO show.  Some of the bands that were being represented were The Decade, Rejectioneers, Read in Response, The Dirt and The Flood and The Devil and The Lion.  I’m sure there were more, but those were all of the bands that I got to talk to.

Marry a Thief-Murder from Scene SC on Vimeo.

Marry a Thief

Marry a Thief had the oppurtunity to show off their well rehearsed live show on these dates.  They are one of the tightest bands around and have a very clean live sound that fits perfectly to their songs.  I don’t hesitate to say that a lot of the reason people love Marry a Thief is closely tied to their melodies and their lyrics.  Vocals are like first impressions of music.  I believe Erich’s voice to be a very welcoming first impression which really opens them up to making new fans for first time listeners.  MAT’s live show does a good job at working towards their strengths as a band.  They show off a perfect balance of instrumentation where everything works really well to complement each other.  I really noticed this at the end of “The Merry Thief” where Erich sang along with just Aaron playing the piano.  A beautiful ending to a heartfelt song where you can look around you and see everyone else singing along.

All Get Out

All Get Out has the best live show I have seen since 2002.  Not only do they know how to perform, but they know how to perform the right way.  They don’t rock out for the sake of rocking out, they get into their music because they love it, they feel it and they love what they do.  I tell everyone I know how proud I am of All Get Out for doing it the right way.  From playing a incredible live show, getting out on the road and making things happen, building strong relationships with venues and everyone they meet, appreciating their fans more than any band I have ever seen, writing honest songs that fans can relate to and flat out just supporting the music scene.  I had a conversation last Friday with Mike Rogers (Bass-All Get Out) that made everything I do with the website completely worthwhile.  Mike, I want you to know what you said means a lot and makes me want to write more and more.  It’s always great to know that someone supports what you are trying to do and the guys in All Get Out truly appreciate what I am trying to do and I think they know how much they mean to me.  I saw them in 3 cities in 5 days.  That kind of makes me a crazy fan.  If you read my about page you’ll see that we at Scene SC are fans first and that will never change.  I think if you combine the number of Baumer, MAT and AGO shows between Meredith and I the total would be over 30.  That really is a lot and it really is true.

Also to the guys in All Get Out if you are reading this y’all scared the shit out of my friend Will.  Will doesn’t go to a lot of shows, but since I was in town he came out to the Tremont show.  He is a big Marry a Thief fan so he really was there to see them.  After he watched y’all he was like “those guys are crazy, they made me want to go break something.”  Since last Friday he hasn’t taken the Spitting EP out of his CD player.  I guarantee he will be at your next Charlotte show.


It has been a little while since I have seen Baumer live, so I was really excited when I got to check them out on these two tour dates.  I would say it has been kind of a weird year for those guys and they have had some ups and downs with cancelled tours and what I like to call growing pains.  For not having played a show in a while they showed no signs of rust at The Channel or at Tremont.

I went to dinner with my cousin the country music singer/movie star/mechanic and I was like “Hey man we’re going to a show tonight.”  And he was like ehhh OK who is playing.  When I mentioned Baumer he was like, ‘I’m in’.  Now Jon doesn’t listen to anything rock after Foo Fighters The Colour and The Shape, but when we saw Baumer at 5 Points after Five I guess… 2 years ago he was instantly a fan.  He knows good music when he hears it.  He also said that being at The Channel made him feel like he was in an episode of One Tree Hill.  And I guess when you are from Blue Ridge I can totally see that.

Baumer is playing 5 Points after 5 again this year and you really need to go check them out.  It really sucks when you don’t get to see them for awhile.

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