Where is the Next Big Music Scene?

I often wonder where the next big music scene is going to be and tonight as I am surfing the web trying to find it I think I might have come onto something.  I think Paste Magazine is probably the best music magazine out there and while I was on their website I found Next Big Nashville. ( Click on the picture for the Paste Blog, they have good things to say about Dignan)

Talk about a jack pot of new good music this is it. This puts my last NPR post to shame if you are looking for something new to listen to. All it is missing is some SC bands.  There are a lot of bands on the list that are friends with some SC bands and some that tour and play shows together.  I can’t name them all but I noticed Dignasty on there and Dead Confederate who All Get Out is going on tour with this fall.  There are a couple of my new favorite artists on there in Deas Vail and Katie Herzig.  Harrison Hudson is an AGO label mate and Homer Hiccolm played here last week with AGO.

Next Big Nashville is set up a lot like SXSW and is a music showcasing talented artists in the Southeast.  Nashville is after all Music City USA.  Oh yeah and I am really late writing on this festival because it ended today.  Regardless check out all of the artists that played there.  Half of these guys might make up your Fall driving soundtrack.

*I said this was missing SC artists, but fortunatley I was wrong.  Cary Ann Hearst from Charleston was on the artists list for the 2008 festival.

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