Alien Carnival CD Release Party

Art Bar

Saturday September 20th

Alien Carnival

The Daylight Hours


The Friendly Confines

Bentz Kirby and crew just finished up recording their 11 song debut project with his band Alien Carnival.  If you are familiar with Bentz and his projects most of the songs on the CD will be familiar.

Bentz brought some of Columbia’s best musicians to play on this album and it definitely paid off.

The album was recorded with Matt Fenech on drums, Paul Russo on bass, Josh McGill on
acoustic guitar and vocals, Dave Michelson on electric rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Bentz
Kirby on electric rhythm guitar and lead vocals, and May on vocals. Other players included Chris
Lawther on electric lead guitar, Joe Jacobson on keyboards, Mike Fore on harmonica and Josh
Roberts electric lead and slide guitar.

The album was recorded and produced at The Jam Room with production by Dave Michelson and Engineering by Jay Matheson.

My personal favorite track is “Grady County Blues (Kelly’s Blues).”  This is perfect for the open road soundtrack that we will be putting together this fall.  Just remember the moral of the story and don’t let it happen to you.  Or better yet ‘Don’t go back to Grady County GA’.  But if you are down on the Florida border and you are driving back this direction stop by Athen’s and tell Michael Stipe not to go back to Rockville.

Here is what the Free Times had to say about Saturday via Kevin Oliver.

Bentz Kirby — This active local music organizer of numerous open mic nights and tributes has finally completed and released a full-length record of his own. Packed with the loose-limbed country rock originals he plays at solo shows and with his band Alien Carnival, it is also packed with other local musicians (Dave Michelson, Josh Roberts, Josh McGill) presumably returning the many favors he’s done them. True to form, he’s bringing along a batch of talented locals for this night: Daylight Hours and DNR play before him, and The Friendly Confines close out the show. -K. Oliver

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  1. Hey Cuz, thanks for the word up. But, man, the Grady County Sheriff’s patch is killer. I am gonna lift that and put it up on my My Space for sure. Hope to see ya on Saturday night.


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