Show Preview:Nick Bays and Cayla Fralick

Saturday October 11
The Watershed
Nick Bays
Cayla Fralick

Look what fall break has brought us. This Friday we get to see Nick Bays home from the North along with Cayla Fralick. I’ve had the show marked on my calendar for a good while not only because I am a fan of all of Nick Bays music, but also because this will be our first time seeing Cayla Fralick live.

Has it already been 4 months since the Friends and Romans CD Release show?? Time flies and wow have our videos come a long way. Those were recorded in infant months of Scene SC with a digital camera and they look like crap, but sound great.

We are big fans of what we have heard of Cayla’s solo stuff and really can’t wait until Saturday. Her voice is smooth and strong and timeless. She is flat out a good singer so go listen to the Myspace or even better come out to the show Saturday.