This Machine Is Me on The Radio

In support of their EP Release Party this Friday at Headliners, TMIM is getting some radio play from 93.5 and 90.5.

Wow, I didn’t know 93.5 knew that local music existed besides Crossfade…

Anyways, call and request it!

93.5 has begun playing “Models & Bottles” on the radio every day in support of this show. If you feel the need, you can request the song by calling the rock lines at 803-695-9935. It would definitely make us and the DJs very happy.

Also this Friday TMIM will be live on air with Matt Lee (93.5) doing an interview and acoustic performance.  And then after that they will be live on WUSC doing some more acoustic songs and interviews and giving away some free tickets and CD’s.

Bands, this is how you should promote.

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