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I caught up with Brandon of Marry a Thief and Jeff of The Decade about some of their favorite moments from the State Fair.  I went on Friday night and saw a couple of local artists out in the rain enjoying the fair.  I bet you didn’t have any idea.

Every year Carnies, unsafe rides and unhealthy food invade Columbia and the entire city freaks out.  The State Fair is a mix of country bumpkins, high schoolers and college kids looking for a night of pure joy and fun.  I mean seriously how fun is learning how honey is made and how soy diesel is made!  And how about that sand sculpture and the rose contest.  And don’t even get me started on the petting zoo and that cow that almost peed on me.

So when I asked Brandon and Jeff what their favorite ride at the fair was an argument ensued.  Was it the Feuerball or the Feverball.  Both of them agreed that was the best ride, but what was it’s name??  Well Jeff was correct it was the infamous Feuerball.  Why so infamous??  Because this is the same ride that almost killed a 14 year old boy at the Kentucky state fair on August 28th 4 years ago.

So what is the Feuerball??  Here it is explained.

The “Fuerball,” or, “Fireball,” is a ride at the South Carolina State Fair that is a pendulum with a spinning set of chairs at its base. Having the chairs spin while the ride is also oscillating at points creates a feeling close to weightlessness and then at other points a feeling of forces over five times the gravity of Earth! The data taken from this ride was gathered with a triple axis accelerometer, a barometer and a CBL. The accelerometer has three axes: “x”, “y” and “z.” the x-axis points to the side of the rider and under normal circumstances, gives a reading of 0 m/s2. The y-axis points downward, parallel to the spine of the rider and would give a reading of 9.81 m/s2 off of the ride. The z-axis points towards the rider and away from the center of the ride; it normally reads 0 m/s 2.

What was the coolest thing these guys saw at the fair?  My personal favorite thing that I saw was that miniature horse corralling up those Barbados sheep and kids.  Brandon’s favorite thing that he saw was someone riding an elephant and the owner of the elephant.  Jeff’s favorite thing was a lady with a  mullet and way too much eye make up.

What was everyones favorite thing to eat?  The Fried Snickers bar came in first place with 2 votes.  Brandon said his favorite thing that he ate was a pickle.  The amazing part of this is that he said the pickle was not fried.  I didn’t know the fair made food that was not fried.  Brandon was dissapointed by his 7 dollar cheese steak.

What prizes were won?  1 Rhinoceros and 1 Dale Junior teddy bear.

On a side note the Carnies were making fun of tight pants.  It is one thing to make fun of tight pants.  It is another for a Carny to make fun of the way that anyone looks.

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  1. that’s definitely my favorite ride, too. and i’ve yet to try a fried snickers bar, but everyone says they are pretty amazing.

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