Right Bank Rails Returns

To Cock N Bull Monday November 3rd.  I’m sure Bentz will have some good advice on who everyone should vote for the following day.

It is not the same as the Red Tub, but I’m very happy that Bentz has brought it back!

Right Bank Rails is a forum for songwriters to perform their original songs before an intimate audience which actually is there to listen to the songs. Sign up is at 7:30 PM on (usually) the first and third Thursday each month. The open mic begins at 8 PM. Each week we host a feature songwriter at 10 PM. So, get there early if you want to play, or if you just want to listen.

The idea behind Right Bank Rails is to provide a venue for us to try out our original songs which is supportive and where folks actually listen. Whether you are just beginning your live music experience, or if you are experienced and want to try out a new song, this is the show for you.


  1. I hope to see you there. I’ll be playing also. It is a great event to be heard and meet other established singer songwriters.

  2. The show is going to be the 1st Monday of every month for the time being as I don’t want to get burnt out doing it again. And, I have to drag my PITA PA everywhere too. That sucks. But, Right Bank Rails is great so get out there and play folks!


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