All Get Out Cheating?

Michael Livingston Cinematography Reel Early 2008 from Michael Livingston on Vimeo.

What do you consider cheating?  For the longest time AGO had Waffle House as one of their main influences.  While I hesitate to say that our leaders of Southern Grunge are abandoning their WaHo roots, tonight they are having a one night stand with Denny’s.

I know that Moons Over My Hammy and The Lumberjack Slam can be tempting to the eyes, but do they serve it scattered,smothered, covered…. chunked ?!?!  If they do I wouldn’t know, because I don’t go there.  Plus everyone knows that the real hotties work at Waffle House.

But for real.  Check out that video at the top.  You might recognize some of those clips from the “Water and God” video that AGO released months back.  Well they are casting today in Orlando, FL for the new “Wasting All My Breath” video.

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