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For fans of Elliott Smith, Pedro The Lion, John Vanderslice, Sufjan Stevens, Etc.

Andy Crissinger has been a long time influence on everything I have done musically over the last 10 years whether be journalistic or with my guitar.  Andy hasn’t released anything very recently, but the music that he has on Myspace and Purevolume deserves your attention.  Go listen to his latest project The Playbook and if you like it message him and tell him to let us hear more!

In 2001 Andy recorded the Green Room EP under the name Get Well Soon.  This EP was mixed and mastered by TW Walsh.  Yes the same TW Walsh we all know and trust with our lives. It recieved rave reviews all over the internet.

From reading his myspace it sounds to me like Andy is holding out on us.  From what I also understand he has worked recently with Toby Morrell of Emery on some songs on his side project I am Waldo based out of Charleston SC.  Listen to Psalm 4  the last track on the Myspace.  It is beautiful.

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