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Show Preview:Dylan Gilbert/Becca Smith/Cayla Fralick/Cherry Case/Living Rheum

Dylan Gilbert is one of the singer songwriters that I have adopted into our South Carolina family.  Coming straight out of the QC, Dylan has been active for a year or so in Columbia’s music scene frequenting The Watershed, New Brookland Tavern and Headliners.  Although he has put together a band in the last couple of months, Monday night will be solo.  At Dylan’s young age he already has 3 albums under his belt and a 4th album featuring B-Sides coming soon.  Since Dylan won’t have his band with him we’ll get to see him with his toys.  He is a passionate live performer with some skill with the effects pedals.

Over the last couple of months we’ve written about Becca Smith a fair amount on the website.  At only 15 years old she is already headlining shows at New Brookland Tavern and Headliners and playing with great bands such as everyone on this bill, All Get Out and Friends and Romans.  She is a couple of steps ahead of the game and seems to be taking advantage as she keeps on adding solid shows.  All she needs now is a professional quality EP and she’ll be on her way.

Cayla Fralick is one artists that I have been suggesting all of my friends listen to.   I did this for a couple of reasons. I feel like I was introduced to her music later than I should have been.  She is way too talented for people not to be listening to her music.  I suggest that you listen to the last three songs on her myspace now.  I also suggest you listen to her radio show on WUSC from 10-12 on Saturday nights with DJ Kobos.

Cherry Case

Let me see if I can get this right.  What Jake Etheridge is to Cherry Case, Cherry Case is to Courier.  What Chris Carrabba is to Dashboard Confessional, DC is to Further Seems Forever.  Something like that anyway.  Back in the first days of the website we were in touch with Courier about their summer tour and helping promote it.  The two people that run Scene SC are huge fans of open tunings and acoustic music and singers with good voices so naturally we are fans of Cherry Case.

Living Rheum

Since moving to Columbia from Massachusetts Jon Satin has been involved in the music scene in SC.  Whether it be going to shows and meeting people or sitting outside of Art Bar with his acoustic guitar with his friends and playing and singing he has been finding his way of getting involved.  When I showed up to my show at Art Bar about a month ago he and his friends were outside playing and singing.  This is when I met them and recorded one of their songs.  Unfortunately some band started sound checking in the background and completely drowned out half of the song.

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