New Brookland/Jam Room Acoustic Challenge

Congratulations to Brodie Porterfield for winning the Acoustic Challenge at New Brookland Tavern.  There were three Scene SC Endorsed artists playing and it is was really hard to decide who to vote for.  Stephanie Lawson, Hannah Miller and Brodie were all great as always, as well as the other artists that played.

Brodie started off the night around 8 o’clock and there were only about 20 people in New Brookland including musicians that would be playing later.  I was at a table with a group of people that I had never before met and everyone was impressed with everything about his performance.  They asked me if I knew this guy and I was like, “I guess he would recognize me if we were walking down the street, but I doubt he knows my name.”  They asked if he had a CD and I’m not sure that he does.  I directed them to his Myspace.  Later on in the night when I talked to Brodie he said “Hey, you’re Bentz’s cousin, right?”  So yeah, I guess he does know me a little bit.  Brodie and Stephanie are regulars at Right Bank Rails and we have often played acoustic shows together.  It always seems to me like the underground of the Singer Songwriter world of Columbia.  Everyone is always really good, but a lot of the musicians that play either don’t always play acoustic (Rob Lindsey of Friendly Confines), and some like Brodie, just don’t play out that much.  It was great to see him win this.  Now maybe he’ll start playing out more.

What always impresses me about Brodie’s performance is his guitar style.  He has a clean finger picking style that on a national level is common, but put on a local level makes him one of the best that you will see out in Columbia.  Couple that with his smooth, deep voice and the talent to move up and down the fretboard fingerpicking and singing at the same time and you have something great.  Not only did he show this off live at New Brookland, but he does on the songs on his Myspace also.  Check out “Get Ready.”