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Acoustic Cafe: November 19

Written By-Bakari

Cayla Fralick-Just as Quietly from Scene SC on Vimeo.

So. I went to USC’s Acoustic Cafe last night, and it was pretty fantastic. Everyone who played impressed me, I must say.

Cayla Fralick
Andy Lehman
Cherry Case
This Machine is Me.

My wife Cayla Fralick was up first, and was spectacular. I’ve never actually listened to her perform and wasn’t surprised that she was amazing, because I’ve heard such great things about her music. All of them were true. Her voice is airy while continuing to be captivating which makes it so amazing.

Andy Lehman was next. Andy Lehman is from Greenville, South Carolina, and I had never heard of him until this acoustic show. He was rather good. I really enjoyed the power and range of his voice. His guitar skills also impressed me. He knows how to rock a Tele. I was so impressed that I asked him to send his album to the station (WUSC) and he gave me one on the spot! I will be sure to review his album, “Landline” as soon as possible as to get it put into rotation. I will also add an album review to Scene SC, which I now am a staff member for!

I had heard of Cherry Case once before, but have never heard them play. I must say their set was quite interesting. I’m slightly intrigued and I’d love to hear them again.

This Machine Is Me-Starbucks In Russell House from Scene SC on Vimeo.

This Machine is Me played last. I yelled at Blake to take his glasses off, and he obliged. Then he replaced them. Anyway, they did a pretty good acoustic set. Jayna’s voice sounded really good, and the guitars were tight on. Blake also did a vocal solo on one of the covers. It was rather enchanting.

Personally, I love the Acoustic Cafes. I think they’re a great way to learn of the awesome talent on campus and off. I seriously urge everyone to at least check out one Acoustic Cafe this year.


  1. next semester, I’m going to get carolina edition from SGTV to do a segment on the scene of SC. I enjoy your reviews!

  2. Cayla Fraylick is an amazing artist she has been a main root of my inspiration when it comes to writing lyrics~

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