Harvest Hope Foodbank Fundraiser at Art Bar

Saturday Nov 29, 2008
at 8:00 PM

The Art Bar
1211 Park St
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Come hear some good music for a good cause and celebrate South Carolina’s victory over Clempson with

9 Patrick Funk, Lisel Downey, Daniel Machado
10 Kenley Young, Stephanie Lawson, Rob Lindsey
11 Mary’s Little Sister
11:45 Alien Carnival (acoustic)
12:30 The Rusty Davis Band covers The Byrds and

More importantly than anything else go here or here.  Give back in some way.  If you can’t afford to donate, volunteer.

$3 admission, or deposit 3 canned goods Personal Note from David Stringer- Please do not bring 3 cans of food that you do not eat.  If you are going to do that, just donate 3 dollars, because even if I’m starving I’m not trying to eat 3 cans of 1 year old beets or baby corn.  And I’m not talking about little golden bits of corn.  I’m talking about those little corn on the cobs that only sometimes taste good in salads and cooked in Chinese food.

Food of the month is Soup.  Tomato Soup, Tomato and Rice, Italian Wedding Soup, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Enchilada if your trying to mix it up.  Those are my favorite soups…