A Glimpse At New Brookland Tavern, Dec. 26th

Friday night, New Brookland Tavern is having three very talented song writers play throughout the evening.

The lineup, (if you haven’t seen the banner already) is as follows:

– Cayla Fralick

– Nick Bays

– Cameron Gill

The first two have consistently played solo act shows in and around the Columbia/Lexington area.

Cayla is returning to the stage by herself after doing series of performances with SceneSC favorite Marry A Thief.  I’ve spoken with her a few times over the break and she has informed me that she has been writing new material and focusing primarily on expanding her repertoire.  Hopefully this means that she might be showcasing a bit of new material on Friday night.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of meeting Irmo native Nick Bays, but I have been greatly appreciating the company of his soulful and smoky voice over this winter break.  Two of the tracks Nick has posted on his myspace are actual live cuts of his songs “don’t forget” and “nashville”, both of which capture the wintery haze of his range, and the raw emotion he can put forth, but also the subtle cheeriness of lyrical structure and folk-pop scat.

credit: Sarah Kobos, Scene SC Staff

credit: Sarah Kobos, Scene SC Staff

Cameron Gill happens to be another one of my musically talented cohorts.  I would say his performance would be one to watch, simply because it is hard to tell what to expect from him.  Cameron has done work in the past under the moniker “The M.D.’s” which seemed quite promising for his singer-songwriter career, initiating this friday it would seem.

I would say this show is a great look at the Columbia area’s singer-songwriter stock, which I myself have only been a part of for a short, yet pleasant time.  I’m just thankful for New Brookland’s appeal to the genre.

I’ll be back in SC soon reviewing shows, but for now I’m spending the last of my cold and distant winter break in Washington D.C.

~Bakari will be handiling the actual show review on this one!~