Free Times-Behind The Scenes

In the newest issue of the Free Times, Pat Wall highlights some of the people in the SC music scene that make it all happen.  I was lucky enough to be one of them.  Read my interview here and pick up a copy of the Free Times to read the rest of them.  Or visit their website and check them out.

The Blogger
David Stringer,

Clad in a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt and a ragged Detroit Tigers baseball cap, David Stringer looks like your average USC student. But unlike the average Gamecock undergrad, Stringer’s got his finger on the pulse of the Columbia music scene; in addition to slinging the guitar, Stringer curates, a blog dedicated to music made and played in South Carolina, particularly in the Capital City. Stringer says he started the site in July because he felt that, well, someone should do it.

“I’m trying to do my part in the music scene,” Stringer says. “There weren’t any other web sites out there … for bands to get in front of a lot of people.”

Since launching the site, Stringer’s become a fast favorite in the local music scene, and offers what Stringer calls a “one-stop shop for local music lovers.

“They can read about shows, they can watch videos,” Stringer says. “If they’re out of town, they can catch up on what they missed.”

The reaction from bands, Stringer says, has been “awesome.”

“They love it,” Stringer says. “I started out taking pictures; I wasn’t even going to do videos. But no one was doing video of local shows. And now anyone can come and find videos of local bands.”

As for the future of the site, Stringer’s goals are modest: He’d like to continue to add more video to the site; he’d like for the site to become more interactive; and, ultimately, he’d like for the site to be self-sustaining. But Stringer also knows that for as much of a labor of love his web site is, he doesn’t want to be running it forever.

“I want to pass it on,” Stringer says. “I never want it to become stale. Maybe there’ll be a 19-year-old kid who really loves it as much as I do. And if they come along, they can have it. Just so it stays alive and kicking.”