Top 10 Non Local Albums

10.Taylor Swift-Fearless (not even a guilty pleasure)

9.  MGMT-Oracular Spectacular

8. Emery-While Broken Hearts Prevail

7. Coldplay-Viva La Vida

6. Anberlin-New Surrender

5.Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs

4.Kings of Leon-Only By Night

3.Drive By Truckers-Brighter than Dark’s Creation


1.Jack’s Mannequin-The Glass Passenger

Top 10 Albums I need to Listen to that might have been in my top 10

My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges


City and Colour-Bring Me Your Love

Lucinda Williams-Little Honey

Anathallo- Canopy Glow

She and Him-Volume 1

William Fitzsimmons- The Sparrow and The Crow

Mates of State-Re-arrange Us

Colour Revolt-Plunder, Beg and Curse

Albums By Some of My Top Favorite Artists of All Time That I Couldn’t Make Myself Like

Oasis-Dig Out Your Soul

Ryan Adams-Cardinology

Best Concert of the Year

R.E.M./Modest Mouse/The National (Front Row literally 5 feet from the Mikes)

Top 5 Favorite Concert Pictures taken by  SKobos

Favorite Movies of 2008
The Dark Knight
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
In Bruges
Charlie Bartlett
Pineapple Express
Burn After Reading


  1. Hey Sarah thanks for letting me borrow that Taylor Swift CD. I am addicted to it now!

  2. I just gave Taylor a 10 Spot. Not a big deal. I can name worse albums that got top 10’s in Spin, Rolling Stone and Paste.

    But Mike I do watch the Taylor Swift videos on Mute everyday.

  3. i don’t give a fuck what any of you say.

    “Love Story” by TS is so fucking good. I could die.

  4. Thank you, Colin. Dolly Parton definitely paved the way for country singers crossing over into pop. And Taylor is a good songwriter and has been the #1 video on CMT for weeeeeks. I support your choice, David.

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