Charlotte Is Movin On Up


Somehow I haven’t heard about the NC Music Factory until today. If you haven’t heard of it then you really need to check it out, because the plans for this are impressive to say the least.

The North Carolina Music Factory will be a 35 acre campus in downtown Charlotte reminiscent of Beale Street in Memphis or Buckhead in Atlanta.  The 300,000 Square foot campus will have 7 venues, artist workspaces, residences, restuarants and shopping.  Included in the 4 venues are 2 ampitheatres ranging in capacity from 200-5,000, an Upscale Live Music Club (2,000+), country dance hall (1,500+), Blues and Rock Club (400) and several acoustic and small stages.  To get a better idea for this the capacity at New Brookland Tavern is around 300-350, Headliners is around 600, The Music Farm in Charleston is about 1,000.  Here is Charlottes current list of venues (courtesy of All In)

Amos’ Southend
Charlotte, NC
Capacity: 1,500
The Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, NC
Capacity: 540
Grady Cole Center
Charlotte, NC
Capacity: 3,200
Tremont Music Hall
Charlotte, NC
Capacity: 1,000

Go ahead and add The Evening Muse, Lunch Box Records, The Milestone and Fuel Music Venue to the Charlotte List and subtract Tremont and maybe a couple of the ones I just listed that probably won’t survive after the NC Music Campus is built.

This music campus will no doubt pick up a lot of shows that are currently either bypsassing Charlotte/Columbia for either Asheville or straight to Atlanta.  Although I’m not really sure what shows these are because every band I want to see usually comes to either Charlotte, Columbia or Charleston.  Occasionally I drive to Asheville to the Orange Peel.

What is my opinion on all of this?  I’m not sure how much it cost to build this.  Probably around XXX million.  I’m not looking forward to Charlotte becoming a Mecca for Corporate music.  I’m sure that there will be shows there that I won’t be able to avoid. but I think I’ll stick to NoDa.  But I don’t live in Charlotte and I really think this will be great for the South Carolina music scene.