Marry a Thief on The Real World


Big Congratulations to Marry a Thief!  MTV will be playing their song “Epileptic” off of their latest EP I am Dying to Outlive You in this week’s episode of The Real World. The song will be played midway through the episode when Chet interviews Pete Wentz.  That’s the bass player of Fall Out Boy that demands and needs all of the attention.  A Diva per se. Anyway, it is an instrumental version so unfortunately we don’t get to hear Erich’s voice on MTV:(  Hopefully this will open some doors for them as their name will appear on the MTV Soundtrack wheel.

This episode of the Real World Airs at 10 PM This Wednesday.

PS I think Colin is having a party at his pad to watch the show.


  1. Aside from the Amazonian there, it looks like the cast was pulled out of some kind of American Apparel model convention. Congrats to MAT.

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