Tom Conlon at the Watershed

In an effort to increase the number of posts and the sex appeal of Scene SC David has decided to let me, Stephen R., join the Scene SC staff. As such, this is probably my last chance to promote my band The Fire Tonight while maintaining an ethical journalistic standard. So, if you haven’t checked us out yet please do. You will at least be entertained by our shows and even the jerk who gave our album a 2 out of 5 liked one song on it, so that is saying something. Now, down to business…

While I am typically not drawn to acoustic, faith-based music, I have been following singer/songwriter Tom Conlon for years. Hailing from Massachusetts, Tom has cultivated a fan base all across the US and especially in the southeast. Rather than embracing the “rock star” tour lifestyle, he lives out a troubadour-like existence where he travels from town to town and shares his stories with whoever will listen. His vision for music is unique; creating unique songs that can really only be experienced live. Despite being a captivating performer his concerts create an intimate setting where you really get to know him, not just his music. In fact, when Radiohead debuted “In Rainbows” and allowed fans to pay whatever they felt necessary, it was hailed as a masterful idea. Conlon has been doing this for years, calling it a “unique relationship” between he and his fans and only accepting donations for his albums.

If you like what you hear, all of his albums are wonderful but I recommend “Monster With Flower” as a great place to start.  Though it is a bit more somber than his other efforts, it is the best sounding album he has put out.  It also includes a duet with Shane Williams (Silers Bald/Finnegan Bell).

He is interesting, musically unique, and is coming to the Watershed tomorrow night. So if you appreciate unique, acoustic music check it out and you’ll likely become a fan, and a friend, of Tom Conlon.

A few Tom Conlon southeast dates (more on his myspace):

Feb. 13 – Watershed, Lexington, SC

Feb. 15 – Anderson University, Anderson, SC

Feb. 21 – The Well, Pineville, NC