5 Points Battle Royale

This Machine Is Me/Deleveled/Black Bottom Biscuit/Mud Fish/The Reason You’re Listening/Shallow Palace

These bands will duke it out on Santee Avenue at 5 p.m. March 13 to see which one of them will perform in the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  The winner will play the Free Times/TWC stage at noon the following day.

In related news we are hosting a party at Scene SC headquarters the morning of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  Everyone can park at our house and walk two blocks and be right behind the main stage in 5 Points.

  • Stephen R.

    Man we really wanted to do the band battle this year, ah well, Jamie and I will be at the SceneSC St. Patrick’s day bash ready to party.


  • sarah

    there is a band called the battle royale. just fyi. i don’t know.

  • Colin

    there’s an awesome japanese movie called Battle Royale, too.

  • Bakari Partybaby L.

    oh i’mma throwdown at the stringhouse

  • Blake

    Yes it is, Colin. That movie kicks ass!

  • David Stringer

    It is also a kick ass card game apparently. http://www.battleroyale.com