Show Preview: Abigail the Wolf EP Release


Friday March 13th

The Church of the Holy Comforter

Sumter, SC 6 PM

There is nothing I love more than going out to a show and seeing members of other bands there.  I do see a lot of band guys and gals out, but it would really be great to see some more.  When the guys in Abigail the Wolf go out to support other bands it is a little bit different.  I’ve seen these guys at a couple of shows around town and I’ve figured out two things.  A) They have good taste in music and B) they stand in the front row and go crazy for the bands.  That’s how it should be.  I’ve had the oppurtunity to see these guys live once and they put on a high energy show.  EP releases for young bands are always memorable events for the band involved.  Speaking from personal experience most of my past shows really just blur together.  The ones that really stick in my mind are the CD release shows that I’ve played.  To make theirs extra memorable Abigail the Wolf has brought along some fine friends to rock out this show with them.

Doing their job supporting the local scene as they always do, Marry a Thief will do a fine job warming up the crowd.  After playing for some big whigs in NYC last week the guys in Marry a Thief are back in town and looking forward to rocking out in Sumter on Friday night and in 5 Points on the Miller Light WNOK stage Saturday at the annual St. Pat’s Day festivities.  Still searching for the perfect line up, Marry a Thief will be debuting yet another new line up Friday and Saturday.  Guitarist Patrick Davis will no longer be playing with the band and Josh McClary will be taking over the role of lead guitarist.

Also no stranger to playing shows with Marry a Thief, Cherry Case will also be supporting Abigail the Wolf.  You might notice singer Jake Etheridge from a couple of places.  Maybe you’ve seen him on the sessions at the Jam Room on Time Warner Cable channel 1234.  You might recognize him from when he rocked out with his former band Courier or maybe you’ve seen him live at the Acoustic Cafe at USC or The Watershed.  If you haven’t seen him yet you are in for some heartfelt acoustic songs in the same vein as Dashboard Confessional.  I believe it is the open tunings he plays in that even more pulls out that comparison.

And so I’ve heard there aren’t many good places to play in Sumter.  I played a crappy place there about 3 years ago for about 10 people.  It’s not open any more.  I went to a show at Scooters lounge there and I am thankful I didn’t get shot.  The battle of the bands that is put on at the mall is a truly great event for bands in that town.  I also think it is a great thing that they can have this show at The Church of the Holy Comforter.  A positive place for good music.