A look in at Treadmill Trackstar’s new record!

As I reread what Treadmill Trackstar lead singer Angelo Gianni wrote to me about the sound of their new record, I realized that it was too good to leave anything out.  Either that or I just got in from New York and wanted to get this in before their set at St. Patrick’s Day Fountain stage, at 3:55.  Let’s just say it’s a little of both, but it is definitely a great look-in on the album and far better than anything I could say.  Enjoy!

“The short answer [about the sound of the record] is that it’s the same people playing the same vein of music- so you know- it’s similar.

To me, the old Treadmill had like three different phases of songs.  We were together (in one form or another) from about 91 til 98 and our writing and playing styles changed a little during that time.  The early phase was poppy but meandering songs with droning dulcimer style guitar – like Pale the Bright Sun and Walking with Madeline.  Then we got more complicated and evil with the arrangements and parts with stuff like Steve’s Opera and Pile of Little Arms.  Toward the end, we were heading in a more simple and stripped down direction with songs like Reunion and Don’t You Mind.  Not that anyone could possibly remember these songs…

The new stuff sort of reflects all of those past styles mixed in with everything that’s changed us in the decade since our last record.  I think this record will sound like the same band though.  Instrumentation – wise, it’s the same Guitar / Bass / Drums and Cello – with a little piano and wurliter, maybe some rhodes and hopefully some subtle use of some orchestral instruments.   A few of the songs sound like our old selves and a few don’t sound much like the old Treadmill.  We also have a new and great bass player (Mike Mills) and his singing and playing has brought their own flavor to things as well.

We’re also going about this record in a different way too.  Things we might have cared more about before, we don’t care about anymore- which has been helpful.  We have a list of “$&#@ we don’t give a $%@# about” that we are living by this time.  The list includes:

• Radio
• How we’ll pull it off live
• If it’s cool, hip and now
• If the kids will like it

I can’t tell you how nice it is not to have any pressure or any expectations at all, other than what comes from ourselves.  We’re just trying to make something we’ll be psyched about.  We’ll be happy as hell if someone else likes it, but that’s not the main goal.  It’s nice not to have my entire life riding on it, like with the last one.  Cause that didn’t work out well at all!  We’re making this record for ourselves and for all the cool people who have chipped in to make it happen.”

According to Angelo, tracking is moving along despite the hectic schedules of the band members.  He is optimistic that they can wrap it up in the next 3 months or so, and I think I speak for a large part of the Columbia (and elsewhere) population when I saw “We can’t wait!!”

Treadmill Trackstar will perform at St. Patrick’s day in Five Points at the fountain stage, their set begins at 3:55.  If you would like to donate to the album campaign, head on over to their website to get involved!