Updated: Reflecting on St. Pats Day in 5 Points

When I was mentioning people I saw, I forgot to mention one of my favorite local bands of all time. I saw George Cooper of the Geek Rock Gods Love Apple.  Also Check out Our Love Apple Tribute to the past HERE.

(Photo Courtesy of Catherine Brown)

I mozied on down to 5 Points about 1 o’clock Saturday to make sure I got there in plenty of time to see The Heist and The Accomplice.  Some how this is the first time I’ve ever seen them live.  I’m not really sure how that is possible, but sadly it is true.  I did try to see them with Yarkwork a couple of weeks ago, but the crowd at The Whig was too much to handle.  On my way to the Free Times stage I stopped by the 104.7 artist area to see what the Merry Thieves were up to.  I walked backstage to see Erich and Colin kicking it with Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra.  For a second I was like Whoa Joaquin Phoenix is here, but then I realized it was just Andy Hull.

I ended up getting to the Free Times stage just in time for The Heist and they were every bit as good live as I expected.  I was rocking out with movies stars like Pat Wall, retired/unretired rockers Nate Puza and Justin Hallas, Free Times Freelancer Kevin Oliver, the gang of thugs in Cats and Cobras.  WUSC’s Marcy Bozek was also there taking pictures and we’ll get those posted soon.

Next up for me was the 104.7 stage to see Marry a Thief.  The thieves kicked off their set in a little different fashion than usual and played “Falling Out of Your Dress” which they usually don’t play live.  Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra came up and sang guest harmonies as he did about a year ago when Marry a Thief opened for Manchester Orchestra at that rock club in the vista across the street from Jimmy Johns and beside Wet Willies.  Sorry I forgot the name of that place.  It is also rumored (true) that there is a recorded version of Andy playing this song randomly in the studio while working on demo’s for their newest album.  Good luck finding a copy.  On a sunny day Marry a Thief, The Heist, and Manchester and all of the other bands would have been playing for about 10,000 more people at least.  The stage in front of Bar None is usually packed around the corner on Saluda street.  This year the Saluda street stage was basically empty.

Next I made my way to the front of the 93.5 stage for Manchester Orchestra.  I was expecting to hear some new songs, since they have a CD coming out in a month, but I was kind of shocked to not hear one old song.  So in the last 2 weeks hardcore Manchester fans would have recognized two songs.  “I’ve got Friends” is on the Myspace and Friday they released a video for “The Only One.”  “I Can Feel a Hot One” has been out awhile, but they didn’t play that.  Whatever, they obviously know what they are doing.  Atleast the new songs they are playing are really good.  Otherwise we would have a major problem.

After Manchester I caught the end of Treadmill Trackstar and then headed over to Mute Math.  I think 10 years ago Treadmill Trackstar would have been opening up for Hootie and the Blowfish and Edwin McCain on the main stage, but times have changed and Atlantic records is no longer picking up Southern bands left and right like they did with Cravin Melon, Far Too Jones, Hootie, and Edwin.  I’m sure I forgot some but you get the point.  Times change.

SKobos or my sister Meredith is going to write about Mute Math, because they enjoyed it a lot more than I did.  All I know is that Meredith got hit with a drumstick and now it’s sitting in our music room.  I think that Cayla Fralick has the matching stick.

Now go HERE and read Pat Wall’s summary of the day.  He has some bands that he watched that we didn’t that you need to check out.