The Watershed:Dispelling the Rumors


This rumor hadn’t gotten to me yet, but for those of you that it did get to Randy wrote this note to settle your nerves.  The Watershed is my favorite venue to see music so I wish it all of the best.  They consistently have the best acts in town and I have discovered a handful of my new favorite artists there(Haley Shaw, Allison Weiss, Dylan Gilbert,TDATL/Grayson etc).  Show your support for The Watershed tomorrow night to see Austin Crane and The Dirt and The Flood.

Author: Randy Borawski
April 3, 2009 There has been a lot of buzz about the future of The Wired Bean and The Watershed.  Listed below are some facts about what the future holds for us:

The Wired Bean & Watershed are not going out of business.

We will close the week of April 6th – 11th with exception of the show scheduled for April 10th @ 8:30 (Eric Vinson w/ Lindsey Jones $5).

Wired bean store hours for April 10th will be 5-11:30pm.

The Wired Bean & Watershed will open with new business hours starting April 14th.

New operating hours are as follows:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: (7-9am)
Wednesday: (7-9am) (5-11pm)
Thursday: (7-9am) (5-11pm)
Friday: (7-9am) (5-11pm)
Saturday: (8-10am) (5-11pm)
Sunday: Closed

Thank you for all your support & business.

All of us at The Wired Bean and The Watershed