So, I’m hoping that title caught your attention.

I’m also hoping this poster does the same thing

Adrian Zongrone at WUSC 90.5 FM has put together a show to get all you folksters hot ‘n’ bothered.

WUSC will be throwing a “Folkcycle Fest” featuring Diane Cluck, Seamonster, and SC’s very own Rev. Joe Roberts

The event will be free and will start at 7pm at El Burrito in Five Points, so grab yourself a burrito and a beer.

Why’s it called Folkcycle? Because WUSC and the Blackbird Bicycle Co-Op are giving away the chance to win a bicycle with the donation of five dollars. Can’t afford the five buck donation? Give a two buck donation, and you might find yourself walking away with a unicycle. Any donations will secure a nice cold popsicle.

Burritos, Folk Music, Bicycle. This is ecstacy.

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