This Friday night at the Oasis in Charleston, SC, All Get Out will be kicking off their never-ending tour with Scene SC’s favorite Americana rockers Gasoline Heart.

After a two month break, All Get Out will be hitting the road again, kicking off their tour in their home town of Charleston.  This tour and future dates they will be posting will take them farther north and west than they have played before, introducing their breed of Southern Grunge to fresh ears across this great land.  Still touring on the Spitting EP and their self titled release on Favorite Gentleman, they are due for a trip to the studio to record a full-length album.  Seriously guys, how long do we have to wait to hear a recorded version of “Lucky Bastard?”

There is no telling which Gasoline Heart we will see Friday night.  We might see a Gasoline Heart having a good time rocking out on a warm Charleston night, or we might see a pissed off Gasoline Heart that smashes their instruments 3 songs into their set.  This all depends on the outcome of the Magic vs. Lakers Game 1 tomorrow night.

I take that back, we all know that Dwight “Superman” Howard is going to help the Magic steal Game 1 in LA.

Gasoline Heart is currently out playing shows in support of their new FREE EP, Cucumber Riot, that was released by Paste Magazine today featuring songs from their first records and also 3 NEW SONGS from their upcoming album “Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be” (out digitally June 23).  The GH picture at the top of the post links directly to the free download.

The last two Gasoline Heart records were mastered by T.W. Walsh who also mixed and mastered Rock Hill SC’s Get Well Soon – The Green Room EP in 2002.  You probably wouldn’t recognize him from that project though, but maybe from his work with Dave Bazan, Rosie Thomas, Mates of State and the list goes on.  Check out his discography on his website and follow him on Twitter.

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