5 Points Finds a Home For Music


Just last week everyone in Columbia  questioned whether or not The Elbow Room would have music.  One article reads they will have slim to none, while the next says there will eventually be some.  Well here it is a week later and The Elbow Room has some of Columbia’s best bands already booked and handfulls more lined up ready to put on the schedule.

How did this happen so quickly?  Magic.  Note that the real man behind all of this happening has never been mentioned before.

As the Free Time mentioned in their blog last week, the focus right now is on local bands.  Once the footing of the new venue is firmed up, national and regional acts will once again visit The Elbow Room.

Noteworthy shows booked right now include

Magnetic Flowers-June 19

Calculator-July 19

The Unawares/The Specs-July 24

Leslie/Tent Revival-July 10

Shallow Palace-July 23

The Brisbones-July 11

There are plenty of more shows in the works, so stay tuned into The Elbow Rooms Myspace and Scene SC for future shows.

Best of all, the shows are cheap and the drinks are cheap.  No excuses anymore.

Who would you like to see at The Elbow Room?  Comment and let us know.  We’ll see if we can pull any strings.