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The Restoration – Drowning Mr. & Mrs. Palmer – Live Studio Performance from The Restoration on Vimeo.
The Humdinger Video Release party for The Restoration might have been last week, but the video “Drowning Mr. and Mrs. Palmer” has made its online debut today.

The Restoration perform “Drowning Mr. & Mrs. Palmer” live at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC on May 7, 2009. The song is part of songwriter Daniel Machado’s fictional “Vale family” series, this installment’s narrative taking place in 1929 in Lexington, South Carolina. The lyrics explore the explosive result of generations of racism, social repression and religious hypocrisy in the South.

7 camera operators and an array of microphones captured the live audio and video of the performance.

Cory Plaugh engineered, mixed and mastered the audio from the session.

Jacob Carter, Jessica Labbé, Brian Lord, Jeremiah Redmond, Ben Reynolds, Bekah Rice and David Stringer took part in pre-production cinematography meetings with the band and served as camera operators on the night of the shoot.

The small, sweaty studio was packed with 5 musicians, 7 camera operators, 1 sound engineer and 3 pizzas. We hope you enjoy the results.

The Restoration are:
Adam Corbett – bass organ, tom percussion
Lauren Garner – lead violin
Sharon Gnanashekar – piano
Eddie Lord – drums
Daniel Machado – vocals, rhythm violin

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