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Allison Weiss @ Mellow Mushroom

Thursday, June 18th

Mellow Mushroom

Greenville, SC

Just days after her return from the West Coast Allison Weiss will make the short drive to Greenville to perform at Mellow Mushroom.  If you have been following her journeys on Twitter she has covered every corner of the USA in the last month playing shows from Athens to Vancouver and New York to Los Angeles.  Now she is “settling” down a little bit getting ready to record her new album which she has already raised over $5,500 for.  That is 278% of what she had planned to raise and she still has 46 more days to raise money.  Her DIY personality has not gone unnoticed.  In the last weeks she has appeared on the frontpage of Billboard and has also recorded a podcast with the popular CDBaby DIY Podcast.

We first started posting about Allison in July of last year after we were at her show at The Watershed.

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