Show Preview:The Brisbones/Alien Carnival/The Friendly Confines

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There are a handful of shows this Saturday, so whatever your musical taste Columbia has something offer.  Here is your demographic breakdown for Saturday night. Ages 14-20 will probably be at New Brookland Tavern for This Machine is Me, O’Verona and The Decade.  The family crowd will go to Finlay Park for some beach music and Marry a Thief and the late night Rock and Roll crowd will go to Art Bar for The Brisbones, Alien Carnival and The Friendly Confines.

The Brisbones have finished recording their EP with Taylor Bray and have posted some of the new tunes on Myspace.  It is tough to capture the raw rock of their live performance, but the new recordings did a great job capturing their live sound.

Bentz Kirby is one of the busiest musicians in Columbia. Nearly every night of the week he is either performing or attending a show. If he isn’t doing that he is setting something up. Saturday night he will be full band with Alien Carnival playing the songs that brought him back into the music scene years ago.

Rob Lindsey and his Friendly Confines kick off the night with their special blend of Americana.  When you play acoustic as much as Rob does, it is really great to get to rock out every once and while.  The Friendly Confines will do a good job of getting everyones blood pumping kicking off the night.