A Look at The White Mule

Photos Courtesy of SKobos

Downtown Columbia took a big step forward Saturday night with the official addition of The White Mule.  Tucked underground across the street from the Columbia Museum of Art and beside the Free Times headquarters, The White Mule has an ambiance unlike any other venue in Columbia.

The White Mule still has the same feel as Jammin Java, the venue that once occupied their current space, but they have livened it up with a snazzy menu and the addition of alcohol.  The exposed brick walls and rafters in the ceiling do a good job of absorbing the sound so it is not too loud.  Saturday night there was a full band on stage and the sound was perfect for the room.  The stage is not very big, but it gets the job done.  There is built in seating on both sides of the room making it a comfortable place to sit down and have a drink and still be able to check out the bands.  Beside the stage there is a door leading outside to a patio area perfect for enjoying a nice Columbia day or night.  They have included water cooling misters outside to help beat the Columbia heat.

Travis Maynard and Dave Britt have done a really good job with the new venue and I am looking forward to seeing it thrive in the revitalized downtown area.  They have a couple of shows listed now including a Singer Songwriter night Monday July 13th that we will be very supportive of here at Scene SC.

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  1. I’m pretty stoked we have venues in west columbia, the vista, main street and five points.


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