There is nothing more American than Synth Rock, Apple Pie and the melting pot which is Art Bar.  It is a little known fact that Blake Arambula loves apple pie.  He has even been known to slip a slice of cheese on top when no one is looking.

Our founding fathers were all fans of music and if they had IPods in the late 1700’s they would definitely have the latest EP from This Machine Is Me.  It was only 233 years ago that 4 men left from Columbia, only a block from where Art Bar is now, to declare our independence.  They put their John Hancock right there beside, well Herbie Hancocks’.  When the young Edward Rutledge took the old horse and carriage up to Washington he introduced the old timers Thomas Heyward Jr., Thomas Lynch Jr. and Arthur Middleton to the new music of the 70’s, the 1770’s.  It is quite funny because the music he introduced to them wasn’t that much different than a stripped down version of The Reason Your Listening, Drew Jacobs, Ruby Blue and the Isnauts and The Lights, Fluorescent.  They were all songs, hip for their time, they had melodies, a song structure and were built of some sort of call and refrain.  Since the ride was too bumpy for their wind up record player, the group of trailblazers stuck to sing alongs.  The legend is they sang Models and Bottles over 100 times on the trip.

The Restoration was replaced on this show by Ruby Blue and The Isnauts.  An adventurous band featuring some of the same members as The Restoration.  Think indie rock with a female singer like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  They too will be in costume as The Restoration always is.

I hope this Independence Day goes better than the movie did.  Those aliens were trouble.

Blake really does love apple pie and Edward Rutledge was young when he signed the Declaration of independence, but after that not much of this is true.

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