Evergreen Terrace Needs Your Help


Just a week before their world tour Evergreen Terrace drummer Kyle Mims was involved in a bicycle accident leaving him with a broken clavicle along with stitches and road burn all over his body.  As you can read in the note below the injuries are not life threatening, but without some help from friends and fans, Kyle won’t be able to get the surgery he needs to keep on playing drums.  As some of you know, Chris Andrews (Stretch Armstrong) recently left Columbia to join Evergreen Terrace playing bass on their next tours.  If you have a blog, facebook, tumblr, twitter or whatever repost this note as many times as you can.  Help make a difference!

Our drummer and good friend, Kyle Mims, was in a terrible bicycle
accident 2 days ago. He was rushed to the emergency room, x-rayed,
tested, treated, etc. He came out with a load of stitches, road burn
all over his body and a broken clavicle. The broken clavicle prohibits
him from playing drums, which is how he makes his living. He will be
missing our next 2 tours and stuck at home, unable to work. Yesterday
he went back to the doctors and they told him that if he wants to
continue to play drums he will have to have surgery. The surgery will
cost him $10,000. They require $5,000 up front and the other $5,000
once the surgery is complete. His emergency room bills, tests,
ambulance ride, etc is estimated to be an additional $10,000. He was
very close to receiving health insurance thru his work, but
unfortunately this happened before it did.

Kyle’s mom and stepdad (Stacy and Mark Earle) have set up a donation
site if you are interested. If not, then please keep him in your



Josh and Evergreen Terrace