LFO, only $100


LFO is coming to New Brookland Tavern this Friday.  This is about as strange as when Blake Lewis came to town, and we remember how that turned out.  In case you don’t have an amazing memory of one hit wonder bands of the 90’s, LFO produced the smash hit “Summer Girls” and… not much else.  Now they are back on their reunion tour and hitting stadium arenas like The Masquerade and The Soapbox.  Anyone else remember the scene from Spinal Tap where they are on the same bill as a puppet show?  That’s what this reminds me of.

What I find most fascinating is the $100 VIP ticket that is available for purchase.  I cannot for the life of me think of what can take place at New Brookland Tavern that is worth $100, outside of the bathroom sex that took place at our last show there (true story).  Considering a meet n’ greet with the band is a measly $25, where do you go from there?  I don’t really know, and for the most part I don’t really care.

The most important thing you can know about LFO playing at New Brookland on Friday is that the show taking place the night before is chock full of local and independent artists that would never charge you $25 for a meet n’ greet, or $100 for God knows what.  Venues like New Brookland Tavern are special because the artists and the fans can interact before, during, and after the show, and there should never be a price for that.

  • David Stringer

    While David is away the writers will play.

    A) I heard that.
    B) Boom Roasted
    C) “Every other time” did well on the charts.

  • simpson

    They had that “girl on tv” song too. I mean it had jennifer love hewitt in the video so it must have been hugeeeee

  • Stephen

    That’s just because she was dating one of the guys at the time, a part that mysteriously disappeared from my article during editing.

    • David Stringer

      I didn’t edit your post. I was sad you left that part out.

  • jason lee

    that’s crazy man!! hahah

  • Allison B.

    Really? LFO? Really?

    One my husband’s “Songs that Make Me Seem Gay” CD, LFO appears more than once.

  • Daniel M.

    I’m always bothered by the way crappy 104.7 pop songs from the 90s get me misty-eyed for pre-pubescent summers.

  • Lucy

    I want to meet the person that pays $100 for LFO. Or maybe I don’t.

    • Stephen R.

      Alright, people, raise $100 by Friday night and I will go experience LFO as a VIP then report back. Let me know.

  • Steven Amos

    Just a reminder that LFO offers their tiers of pricing for their tickets. You can get tickets for the show for $10 at the door – the $100 is for the VIP package.

  • Kyle P

    That guy just referred to a “tiered” pricing system at New Brookland Tavern…are they going to rope it off into 3 foot increments???