You Know You are Cool When…


You know you are cool when you have xACUTEx, Stonewall Stampede, Veara, Aviary Fire, Sludgebomb, The Day is Nathan’s, In Regret, Mainlined and Where it Ends playing at your 21st birthday party. I’m pretty sure I need to film this like an episode of Sweet 16 from MTV. Eric and Evan are spoiled control freaks and they will cry like babies if every detail isn’t exactly to their liking at the Roundhill Community Center on Saturday night.  For the last 2 months Eric and Evan have gone shopping for their outfits, they got their rich Daddies to pay off Columbia Records to get xAcutex and you don’t even want to know what they had to do to get the Roundhill Community Center.  It involves acts illegal in 17 states and the Virgin Islands.

But let me joke around with you here, all of these bands are good for real.  Some of them may be tongue in cheek, but good God when did that ever make music bad?  What if Bono hadn’t been joking around when he wrote Sunday, Bloody Sunday??  What if Leonard Cohen hadn’t been joking around when he wrote Hallelujah? Seriously!  “When the Mathcore Drops, The BullShit Stops.”