Celebrity Brawl at The House of Blues

According to Twitter, Collective Soul and Gavin DeGraw and band got into an epic throwdown at The House of Blues last night.

Here is the account according to Gavin Degraw’s Twitter

Me and my crew just got in a 20 man brawl with a group of juiced up assholes. I guess they think that just cos I write love songs that I….Won’t throw down like a man. They were slow and drunk, but that woopin is gonna hurt worse than their hangovers. Goodnite to those……Douches !


Here is Collective Souls Account

Dean and Ed found themselves in a scuffle tonight in myrtle…innocent, but we’re banned for a year… First shot I’ve taken to the face…


Billy Norris Twitter (Gavin DeGraw Guitarist)

Let it be known that touring musicians are family. You fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us. @collective_soul @gdgofficial


Overall I am a little bit skeptical of this story.  I haven’t heard anything from my sources in Myrtle Beach, but I really hope Gavin DeGraw got punched.  What the hell, I hope Collective Soul got punched too.  Myrtle Beach does crazy things to people.  Good God, it made Sunny Ledfurd write the worst ever written.  Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach Myrtle G D M Fin Myrtle Beach.

At this point I can’t tell if this is a bad publicity stunt, or some “rockstars” got into a slap match.  This is better than the time that Gavin DeGraw hung out at Sharky’s!