On The Road

On The Road with This Machine Is Me


So here we are, and the first day is done. Our first destination of the tour was the The Galleria in Rock Hill, which is conveniently located right off of I-77, only about an hour or so from Columbia. Touring Hot Topic’s verses regular venues is a whole new concept to us, and because of that, we have to take it in a very different way.
For one, none of these gigs are paying, so it is vital that everyone in the band reaches out to any and all people who come to see the show. Merchandise is key here, and it will be for the next two weeks. If we don’t sell enough of it, we may run out of money for gas to get to the next place. Luckily, I have a plan, for everyone who purchases a Dance Fever Shirt/CD/Poster Combo for $18, i’m going to give them an additional CD to give to a friend.

Rock Hill generated about as much volume as a town like Rock Hill could do on a Tuesday night. We shared some funny stories about how our friends in the band The Stellas all look like movie stars, and the people in the audience who knew of them totally agreed. Video of all of this will come at the very end in a big montage kind of deal like in all the 90’s teen movies.

Well, we’re about to head to Westgate Mall for round 2. Let’s see what happens.



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