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CNN, FOX News, WISTV, CN2 pay attention,  I have found the cause of The Great Recession.  In 1988 the best thing to happen to the automotive industry since the Model T came on the market.  The Geo Tracker was a one of a kind classy ride, never before seen by human eyes.  Some thought it was a gift from the Heavens. Some said that aliens delivered the car plans to Chevrolet. We may never know the truth, but what we do know is that the Mini SUV was born and the American economy never looked back.

Times were hard in America in the mid 80’s.  Just like now, everyone was looking for change.  Something smaller, classier, maybe something with a convertible top to impress the ladies.

Jon Stringer said that “times were hard before the Geo Tracker.”  “It was the best car/truck to ever come down an assembly line.  Greatest form of transportation since man started riding horses.”

The Geo Tracker gave birth to the Roaring 90’s.  Everyone that was anyone in America was driving the revolutionary car that was built on a truck frame.  Dealerships from Gaston to Traveler’s Rest couldn’t keep the SUVS in stock.

In the mid 2000’s Chevrolet, who produced the Geo Tracker, just couldn’t keep up with demand.  Some say the fall of man will be blamed on Chevy’s decision in 1999 to move the Tracker to a car frame from the truck frame limiting its off road capabilities.  I would say that I have to agree.

I have a feeling we will never know, but when the last Geo Tracker came off the assembly line in 2004, the American auto industry started to crumble.

In the spirit of hope and change we have brought this new blog to you.  Tracker Trackers is dedicated to the legacy of the once great, always great automobile.  We ask you to email in pictures every time you see a Geo Tracker, with a description of where you saw it.  If you are the proud owner of a Geo Tracker we would love to sit down and talk to you on video about all of your great experiences with your Tracker.  For a small fee, we will even host the selling of your tracker on our blog.

Racheal, Ashleigh and I hope you enjoy our creation.

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