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Shallow Palace rocks the Elbow Room tonight


Shallow Palace is getting ready to bring the rock to the Elbow Room tonight at 8 (only $3 to get in).  If you have seen them, you know they bring one intense rock show every night they play.  If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?  This show is not the only thing the boys have been rocking though, as Columbia’s own Jam Room has had to endure the thunderous sounds of Shallow Palace.

The boys have been cutting their first full length record with Jam Room engineer and producer Zac Thomas, whose involvement has led to what frontman Greg Slattery calls a “vintage feel” for the album.  Rather than record each of their parts at different times, they have taken a more classic approach by performing all of their songs live in the studio.  This live approach is definitely well suited for the energy of their music, producing a record that is fresh, raw, and most importantly, has a lot of balls.  The guys seem really happy with the project so far, and that is a great sign for fans.

As for the status of the recording, they have nearly wrapped it up and are hoping to have the album, titled The Vig, out soon.  If you like what these guys are doing, go support their live shows.  It takes a lot of money to make a record, and from what I’ve heard it is something these guys are going to be very proud of.  So go check out their upcoming shows and support their new release!

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