Scene SC Endorsed Band: Marry a Thief


Endorsed Band: Marry a Thief.

Genre: Alternative/Pop

I don’t really know what not to say about Marry a Thief. Since I heard of them back in September 2008 I became extremely interested in hearing more and more material from them. My first Marry a Thief experience was downloading their Exclusive EP on a whim, and it turned out to be amazing. The following week I was invited to a show of theirs at New Brookland Tavern with The Decade and Divided by Friday. Their live set was even more amazing than the recorded stuff. It was the best example of how live music is just recordings brought to life that I had seen to that point. I continued listening, picked up “I am dying to outlive you”, and prayed for them to release new music. Luckily my prayer was answered and they began work on their next release sometime in the spring of 2009. Plain and simple, these guys are great at making memorable, moving music, and everyone should experience them at some point. If for some reason you haven’t heard Marry a Thief stop stalling and go check them out right now. Really. Do it.

Their next show will be at New Brookland Tavern on August 21, 2009. Go pick up a free new acoustic EP if you’re one of the first 100 people in the door. More importantly go listen to their new songs that they are sure to play (my favorite is “Murder”).

Every Little Star (Remix) – Marry a Thief

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